8 Ways to Keep Your Amazon Account Healthy for Reviews

Like it or not, Amazon is the world's biggest marketplace. It's given us more buying options and choices than we've ever had before and a wealth of reviews to trust in the purchases we make. But this hasn't come without problems, mainly in the form of 2nd rate sellers and fake reviewing to keep them afloat.

Amazon's attempts to rid itself of any possibly fake reviews has affected some of our users. Here we want to explain why and how to make sure your account remains healthy enough to leave genuine, honest reviews for new product listings.

What's going on

Recently, Amazon has launched a huge crackdown on reviews and buyer accounts it considers to be fake or fraudulent. Even some accounts that are labeled among the Top 1000 of each market category on the site are being closed because of their review activities that appear suspicious to Amazon.

This crackdown also means that more accounts than ever before are being restricted from leaving reviews and many of our users have seen their ability to leave reviews on some or all products on the site frozen after receiving statements like the following:

"This item is currently only eligible for Amazon Verified Reviews. Please visit our Customer Reviews Guidelines and About Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews for more details."


"Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this product. Your previous review of this product did not comply with our Customer Reviews Guidelines. Amazon does not permit reviews from customers whose relationship to the product or seller may be perceived as biased."


"Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this product. This product currently has limitations on submitting reviews. There can be a number of reasons for this, including unusual reviewing activity."

ReviewerGroups does not believe in or support fake reviewing, if you believe it is acceptable, please go elsewhere.

For those who do believe in our mission to help new products out with genuine, honest feedback, however, we don't want to see any harm come to you from mistakes that can be avoided when submitting product reviews to the platform. So we've put together a list of 8 key recommendations to keep your Amazon account healthy and able to leave good, quality test reviews!

How to keep your account healthy

1. Don't review products before they are delivered

Obviously it's impossible to leave a real review if you haven't even opened the box. Don't do it: not only is it dishonest, excessively quick reviewing is a red flag to Amazon that your account is fake and can spread misinformation to other shoppers.

We require that users test their product fully and recommend not leaving their test review on Amazon until 5 to 7 days after they have received their product.

2. Review less often

Making a healthy Amazon account is like making lemonade, you don't want to put in too much sugar. Amazon views excessive reviewing with suspicion, and for good reason: accounts that review everything they buy are usually fake and set up only to collect money for reviews and can even be directly set up by fraudulent sellers to fake their product tests.

It's ok to leave a genuine review for your experience with a new product, but if the item is something you buy frequently or for your daily use it's not necessary and an overload can cause Amazon policy police to see your account as fraudulent. We recommend leaving no more than 3 reviews for every 10 products you buy. Alternatively, you can leave longer reviews for newer and more complex buys, while leaving quick ratings for more mundane items.

But the bottom line remains that your account needs to have a healthy balance of products that have reviews and those that do not. To this end, ReviewerGroups.com sometimes offers products don't require reviews. The items are labeled as "Promo". We recommend our users to buy them as they are also qualified for a FULL refund.

3. Don't leave only 5 star reviews

We've all got that friend that is never anything but positive, they're nice but they're also the ones you'd never turn to for real advice. Sometimes being honest means being negative, and the same principle applies to Amazon.

Amazon recognizes that most accounts with only 5-star reviews are fake, and even if they are genuine they are unhelpful to other shoppers trying to base their buying decisions on the real experiences of others.

We are against this behavior not only because it is unhelpful, but because it can be positively dangerous. Leaving an overload of overwhelmingly positive reviews can not only lead to your shopping accounts being blocked from reviewing permanently, it can also leave sellers you buy from accused of review manipulation by Amazon watchdogs and in danger of permanent account suspension.

4. Don't review multiple items from single sellers at the same time

Although it can happen, it's not normal that shoppers buy many items from a single seller at the same time. Amazon picks up on this activity the way a tax authority like the IRS picks up on consecutive banknotes. It's an alert to Amazon that the reviews are purchased and from a dishonest account.

Even if you are honestly just buying a lot from one seller, Amazon can still interpret this type of activity as suspicious and suspend not only your ability to leave reviews but the entire account of the unfortunate seller.

Please think about this before jumping to review all of their items, most of the times it's better to leave a review where there are fewer or you have something genuinely new to say about the product others have not.

5. Avoid leaving many reviews at the same time

Leaving a large number of reviews at the same time is a telltale sign that an account is for hire to leave a large number of positive fake reviews. This is especially true for those with reviews that are too general like "good," "great," or "worked like a charm."

It's very rare that anyone would leave more than 3-4 reviews at a time, but if you do, think of the damage this could do to your profile on Amazon and leave only reviews you think are truly helpful and contain genuine information instead of general and cliche text.

6. Don't copy reviews from someone else

We highly disapprove of this behavior. If it's from someone else, it's not yours and you should use your own words to describe your experience.

Not only is the activity dishonest, it will be grounds for having your ability to review being suspended by Amazon. Even if someone else's experience is exactly the same as yours, please write and leave your own review.

7. Become an Amazon Prime Member

None of this is concrete, but rumor has it among many sellers that Prime accounts come with several added benefits as a reviewer. One is that Prime accounts are considered safer and less likely to be fraudulent by Amazon since fake accounts don't intend to pay the fees required to take advantage of the program's benefits. Another is that Amazon favors Prime member accounts and gives them more weight in its algorithm.

In any case, if you buy a lot on Amazon, Prime membership comes with many benefits like discounts and free shipping. There's also the massive Amazon Prime Day deals you can get on Amazon's self-created counterweight to Black Friday during the summer. We encourage you to try it if you are a frequent shopper.

8. Don't return too many items

While there is no exact number of returns that trigger Amazon to send you their warning you are returning too many items, many people have received them and seen their accounts banned. Generally, we assume that this has to do with how frequently you return items and how expensive they are. If you are costing Amazon more than they are being profited by their purchases, they will probably not look kindly on your account.

Amazon is not a "try it before you buy it" type store. Items should be returned for good reason (like clothes that don't fit or broken products) instead of a change of heart. If you do want to return an item, be sure to have a reason most of the time and take pictures to document what the problem was in case you need proof to reopen your account if it is ever closed.

Healthy accounts make for better reviews, please keep these tips in mind when you use our service and buy other items from Amazon!

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