The best times of year to buy different things

Mar 02, 2019

We all know about Black Friday and the rush of deals it unleashes before Christmas, then we settle down to see a slower and seemingly random flow of deals here and deals there. But is there really a pattern to deal cycles through the year?There is, and we'll give you the scoop right here. C

To Prime or not to Prime: Should you get Amazon Prime?

Dec 30, 2018

Amazon loves its Prime members, but should you be one of them?The membership program for $99 a year offers a lot of advantages but what it really comes down to is if they are beneficial enough for you to be swayed by one. And if you aren't sold on joining in, there are some other ways that

Tools and tricks that will make you an Amazon deal machine

Nov 08, 2018

There's nothing more frustrating than missing a deal, or worse yet finding out it was within your grasp only moments before you checked out. With millions of products for sale, it can be difficult to know just which items or sellers on Amazon are sporting the best discounts and price reductions,

Top 4 tips to become a Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

Oct 08, 2018


Amazon's top reviewers list comes with great perks, like being selected to receive free products from the platform, and make your opinion really valuable for both established and emerging brands that want to see some authority behind the initial reviews they recieve for new products.The further

Everything you need to know about returning things to Amazon

Sep 20, 2018


Most of us have received things we're unhappy with from Amazon. Whether the quality is too low, or we just changed our minds sometimes we need to return what we bought to better spend the cash elsewhere. But with so many different policies Amazon has on returns and refunds, it can be confus

How to spot a fake review on Amazon

Sep 04, 2018

In recent years, fake reviews have hit Amazon like a plague of locusts, lowering the trust and quality of the world's largest digital marketplace. Restoring trust in online shopping through real, tested reviews is the driving force behind Reviewer Groups. Even so, what we and you do to help bett

How Reviewer Groups works and why

Aug 14, 2018


Reviewer Groups is dedicated to helping good products get where they need to be on E-commerce sites with help from genuine, honest consumers. We're not just a "free stuff" website, we've engineered our product testing cycle to ensure no one gets scammed and everyone benefits from t

8 Ways to Keep Your Amazon Account Healthy for Reviews

Aug 02, 2018


Like it or not, Amazon is the world's biggest marketplace. It's given us more buying options and choices than we've ever had before and a wealth of reviews to trust in the purchases we make. But this hasn't come without problems, mainly in the form of 2nd rate sellers and fake review

5 Best Tips for Leaving Good Reviews on Amazon

Jul 16, 2018

Learning how to make great and helpful Amazon reviews helps everyone using the world's biggest online marketplace. Good sellers see their profile and listings rank better with Amazon's algorithms, other customers make better decisions based on what you write, and your own account can benefit

What is

Jul 01, 2018

Comments:14 is a product testing platform run by a small and passionate team helping to give new products a fighting chance in the competitive world of E-commerce with unbiased reviews that grow honest sales and give other shoppers more informed purchases online.As you may know, product