Top 4 tips to become a Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

Amazon's top reviewers list comes with great perks, like being selected to receive free products from the platform, and make your opinion really valuable for both established and emerging brands that want to see some authority behind the initial reviews they recieve for new products.

The further up you go, the more your account is valued and the more possibility you have of getting rewards with each bracket, such as top 5000 and then top 1000. The elite is considered the top 500 reviewers on Amazon. This takes a bit of effort to reach, but it is achievable if you shop often and take care to right some really helpful content in the reviews you give.

How Amazon ranks reviews

Amazon updates its rankings of individual accounts every two days. This shifts people up down the ladder quite frequently and so your movement up depends upon a few main factors:

  • - How helpful others have found your reviews (with up-votes on your reviews)
  • - How many reviews you've given and continue to give consistently
  • - How descriptive your reviews are and extras they include (such as photos and videos)

Keeping these in mind, we have a few pieces of advice on ways you can improve your reviews and likelihood of moving up Amazon's ranking algorithm.

Be helpful and detailed

What's most important is how helpful other shoppers consider your reviews. If you consistently get votes for being helpful, the algorithm will look kindly on your account. But what does make a review helpful? 

More than anything, this comes down to how much information you give. This doesn't mean saying anything and everything, think about what you would consider useful to know about the product before you bought it and focus on this. 

Another important feature of helpful reviews is that they are neutral and even-handed. List the positives and negatives of what you have bought so they can be weighed by new shoppers making their decision. How clearly this is done (such as with bullet points) makes a big difference in your rate of helpful votes. 

Your review shouldn't be an essay, but it should have a main message all the same. Do say whether or not you recommend the product (or for whom) at the end of your writing so your opinion is clear.

Shop and review often

How often you review and how recently you have been voted helpful also plays a big role in moving you towards a top reviewer position on Amazon. Like a car, age tends to depreciate the value of a review as shoppers want more recent opinions. Although a solid history of helpful reviewing is important, you have to review consistently to keep your rank moving higher or staying at the level it has risen.

Take good pictures

Pictures are worth a 1000 words, and they are worth quite a lot to Amazon's algorithm too. Adding a few pictures that document your experience are also likely to get reviews up-voted as helpful too. But more and more people are doing this, so the quality of your pictures matter if you want to move toward a top reviewer position.

Take high-quality pictures that clearly show different angles and functions of the product. It's also good to have the images match and support the opinions you give in your review. Posting repetitive images isn't helpful, make sure you don't over-do it with too many.

Write well and be organized

How you communicate your opinion is also important. For one thing, too many people fail to give their review a readable structure. Nobody wants to read a huge paragraph without any breaks, so if you have a lot to say make sure that you break your review into several paragraphs and use bullet points to mark out your key points so they are quickly and easily grasped.

The language you use should be descriptive but understandable. Do not use slang or inappropriate language like cursing, and do not get upset or emotional either. Make sure the points you make flow easily one to the next and make sure your overall opinion is supported by details you can give.

Just be helpful!

Rising to the top of Amazon's reviewer roster isn't easy. It takes a lot of shopping and good effort into making many quality reviews. But with consistency and time, it is possible to rank higher and higher into the coveted realm of top 500 reviewers.

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