What is ReviewerGroups.com

ReviewerGroups.com is a product testing platform run by a small and passionate team helping to give new products a fighting chance in the competitive world of E-commerce with unbiased reviews that grow honest sales and give other shoppers more informed purchases online.

As you may know, product sales on E-commerce sites are heavily dependent upon the amount of reviews a product has received. Algorithms sift through product listings to judge the quality of products based upon how much they are purchased and how they are rated by customers.

During the past few years, this has led to an avalanche of fake and biased reviews. You have probably seen firsthand when shopping online: suspiciously repetitive 5 star ratings, ridiculously long paragraphs, and poor English are telltale signs of what is making it harder for all of us to trust E-commerce shopping as we used to.

Strongly believing fake reviews to be unethical, we do not ask our users for anything other than their true opinions in the knowledge that these are what really build trust and faith in good products from good sellers. This is our aim, and, when you use our site, you are helping this quality of products and shopping experience to resurge online after years of decline.

What we do

Our site is not about free stuff, it's about providing a service in the form of genuine product tests. Products need reviews and sales to prove their quality and rank in Ecommerce algorithms, a combination of both for a good product will help it spiral up the Ecommerce ladder where it deserves to be: on page one of Amazon and in front of the eyes of people who can make good use of it.

We feel confident there are no moral lines we are crossing. While Amazon forbids the offering of any type of incentive for leaving reviews, they acknowledge the need for review incentives with their Early Reviewer Program (which asks you to test products exactly as we do here) for a mere $1.00-3.00 back.This insubstantial reward they offer is cynically in the form of Amazon Gift Card money you have to put back into Amazon anyway. Isn't this a violation of their own policy? We leave you to judge.

Nothing we do here is unethical or illegal, despite what Amazon or others may claim. All we do is offer you a better deal: a full refund for an unbiased test and review. We're proud to, and we're proud to support the type of products we have here with the honest reviews they deserve.

We hope you are too, try us out and spread the word about Reviewer Groups to your friends and family!

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