Tools and tricks that will make you an Amazon deal machine

There's nothing more frustrating than missing a deal, or worse yet finding out it was within your grasp only moments before you checked out. With millions of products for sale, it can be difficult to know just which items or sellers on Amazon are sporting the best discounts and price reductions, but with a few simple hacks you can find them and never overpay on anything you want again!

Read on and set yourself up for killer savings every time you shop.

The little known discount trick you must use...

The best deals and discounts are being hidden from you by the coding and algorithms behind Amazon's search engine, and we just have to enter a small bit at the end of the search URL to change it to our advantage.

Here's how it works:

Say you want 40% off on those plush pillows, simply type in &pct-off=40- and the results will come up for that discount range. 

So, for whatever discount number (X) you want, enter it into the code and attach it to the end of the search URL to perform a new search:


Example: X = 70 will look like this:


Maybe you want a range of discounts. In this case specify the discount values and any products discounted within that range will come up. 

Take 50%-90% off for example:


*NOTE: Be sure to add the hyphen at the end of the code (like &pct-off=35- for 35% off) or it will not display the discounts

You should be doing this every time you search to find the best deals because they likely are not top of the standard list. Although Amazon has a price filter to sort from lowest to highest price for an item, this is only useful if you want to buy low-quality CRAP. Discounts will provide more value from value products.

Price drop tools...

Ever been mad seeing a deal gone by on your biggest wish list item? So have many others, and some of them have created some pretty neat tools to alert you when your favorite products are dropping in price so you don't have to remain on the lookout. 

Here's some of the best:


If you find a product you really want but don't want to pay for at the current price, hop over to an awesome tool called CamelCamelCamel. All you have to do is copy the URL of the item and paste it into CamelCamelCamel and the site will email you whenever it has a price reduction. The site also displays the price history of more than 18 million Amazon items so you can see how often a product has had its price change in the past. You can also do this within Amazon when you add the CamelCamelCamel extension to your browser.


Honey is another useful price tracking tool. It's a free browser extension that can find and apply hundreds of coupons for different stores online, but has a special feature for Amazon. When searching for a product on Amazon, click on the Honey extension in your browser and it will display two tags in a pop up showing the best price on Amazon alongside the one you found. Pretty neat huh?

Get those vouchers!

As simple as clicking a coupon, you can also get discounts within Amazon by going to Amazon's voucher page. It lists dozens of discount vouchers you just have to click on to collect and be applied at checkout.

If you go deeper into the list you can find some cool stuff and excellent deals. You just have to get your elbows dirty.

*NOTE: You need to be signed into your account to get the vouchers.

What others reject could be what you want...

Amazon Warehouse Deals feature products that have been return to warehouse that the company is keen to offload. These could have been pre-owned, open box, or literally like new. You can find some really great deals if you search what's available.

Be careful with the shipping...

It's important to check whether the seller you are buying from is actually Amazon itself or another seller using the platform in Amazon Marketplace (it's still the same website). If you see that the product seller is “sold by ____(not Amazon)' then you are in Amazon Marketplace and delivery could cost quite a bit more.

Amazon Marketplace items are not available for free shipping, but they are covered by Amazon's buying guarantee so Amazon will still refund you if anything goes wrong. 

If you are buying something that has free delivery, make sure when you check out that free delivery is selected in the shipping options, Amazon automatically selects Standard Shipping as the option.

Filler items for free shipping...

Amazon often offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount of money, so it's very useful to bulk buy on the site instead of item by item. There's nothing worse than being just a bit short of free shipping.

FillerChecker can help get you there. Just type in the amount of money you need to reach free shipping and they will display lists of products either at, or very close to that price. All you have to do is scroll down until you find what you like. 

You can also select what category you'd like FillerChecker to search within to narrow your search.

Next time you go to shop, shop smarter with these tools!

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